Why Is Paper A Traditional First Year Anniversary Gift?

You know your first year anniversary is important – you’re just a little confused on how to properly celebrate it. With celebrities going all out (Chrissy Teigen flew John Legend to Paris for their 1-year celebration!) it’s easy to feel the pressure to find the perfect first year anniversary gift.

Take a deep breath. We’ve got some good news.

Traditionally, a first year anniversary gift is supposed to be something made of paper. Here, we’ll tell you why. We’ll also offer you our favorite idea for a unique first year anniversary gift!

Why Paper?

So, how did paper become the traditional first year anniversary gift? There’s a lot of symbolism at work here. Essentially, the paper serves as a reminder that you’re writing the story of your lives together, page by page. Your first anniversary marks the completion of the first “chapter” in your marriage. Additionally, paper is delicate and fragile, and this serves as a reminder that your new marriage, while still strong, will require a lot of work to keep it that way. Things are still new because –in a sense– the ink hasn’t completely dried yet.

Also, the origin of paper is another beautiful symbol of your new marriage. Paper is made from trees, and we all know trees don’t grow overnight!Instead, they start as little seeds. And like the tree, your love grows a little more and a little stronger every day, and needs proper care in order to thrive.

We know that the first year of marriage can be filled with many challenges – but it can also be filled with beautiful memories, laughter, and important foundations for your life as a couple. That’s why it’s so important to properly honor and celebrate the first of many milestones together the right way. Plus, your first year anniversary gift, and the way you celebrate your time together, sets the precedent for the years to come.

In today’s ultra-modern and hyper-digital world, a handwritten note or paper memento is especially meaningful. It says you’re willing to take the time to put in the work on not just finding the perfect gift, but strengthening your marriage, and what could possibly be more romantic than that?

Where Can I Find The Perfect First Year Anniversary Gift?

We love the idea of getting a personalized, one-of-a-kind paper certificate that celebrates your first year anniversary. This certificate, printed in gorgeous calligraphy, means that you and your partner hold exclusive rights to your anniversary – the date is yours alone. Even better? You’ll also get a customized, personal dedication page when you get your certificate. There, you can include an amazing quote for your loved one, like this one from H. Jackson Brown:

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.”

Need More Advice?

Looking for more romantic ideas on how to show your loved one how much you care about them? Check out our website and blog to learn how to honor your love and their accomplishments, no matter the occasion.


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