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How to Select the Perfect Gift for Your Next Gift Exchange

During the holidays, nearly 61% of Americans admitted they got at least one gift that they didn’t want. What’s more, nearly 23% said that their friends are the top gift-giving offenders. 

Most people who got unwanted gifts ended up either keeping them, giving them away, or exchanging them. 

Do you have a gift exchange coming up and want to avoid the awkwardness of giving a bad gift? Check out this gift-giving guide for tips to find the perfect gift. 

Gift Experiences Instead of Objects

Research from U of T Scarborough shows that gifting experiences can be better for a relationship than gifting objects.

A lot of times, gift-givers focus on whether or not the giftee will like the present. They may spend a lot of time and money on an expensive gift. However, objects might eventually be given away, sold, or lost somewhere in a junk drawer.

Experiences can evoke stronger emotional responses than material gifts. You can gift an experience tailored to what the giftee enjoys.

For example, if they love art, you can take them to a museum that has their favorite artist’s work. If they are a foodie, you can gift them the experience of a delicious meal. 

Gift Something Thoughtful

Gift something that elicits positive emotions. One thoughtful gift idea is to commemorate a special day that you share together. For instance, you can dedicate a day to your wedding anniversary.

You can take that special someone out to where you went for your first date and present a certificate of ownership for your anniversary. 

Ask Them What They Want

If you can’t figure out what to gift someone, you can ask them. You can even have them send you a wish list that you can choose from. 

It may be awkward for them to choose their gift, but it’s better for them to get something they want than to get an unwanted gift. In fact, studies show that gifts that people requested are appreciated more than gifts not requested. 

Gift Something Useful

Gift an item that will be used. To get an idea of what to gift, look at what the gift recipient likes.

Do they enjoy hiking? You can get them new accessories for their next hike.

Do they like to paint? You can get them new painting brushes. 

You can also personalize a gift. If they like writing, you can get a journal and personalize it with their name or with a quote from their favorite book. 

Give the Perfect Gift at Your Next Gift Exchange

Does gift-giving make you nervous? It doesn’t have to. With the above tips, you can find the perfect gift for someone at your next gift exchange. 

Want to give the gift of a special day? You can dedicate a day to a special someone or a special occasion. To learn more, read our frequently asked questions

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