Frequently Asked Questions

MyDayRegistry is an exclusive online registry that allows you to register and dedicate a specific date by month, day, and year, in honor of the memorable people and events in your life.

The purpose of is to provide people with a creative way to make a special day all the more special. It’s a great way to preserve and share an important piece of your life’s history for generations to come, and the perfect gift for every occasion!

When you register a day through MyDayRegistry, you are granted the exclusive title & ownership rights to that day within the registry of your choice. No one else can claim that same day in that same registry.

Your dedicated day also includes:

  • A beautiful Certificate of Ownership − The Certificate of Ownership is printed on premium-grade parchment paper and comes personalized to your occasion in modern calligraphy, the certificate is a work of art and makes for a wonderful conversation piece.
  • A Record of Dedication − The online Record of Dedication is a digital profile that can be personalized with photos, music, videos, messages, and other details. It’s perfect for preserving and sharing special memories with friends and family for years to come.
MyDayRegistry guarantees one (1) registry owner per day by recording your exclusive title and ownership rights in the official International Day Registry — the only registry of its kind.

Our entire MyDayRegistry system is fully automated. Your title and ownership rights are recorded the instant your order is processed, and the date you purchased is removed from the “available” dates database in the registry of your choice.

MyDayRegistry offers three exclusive levels of dedication – State, Country, and Worldwide.

Our State Registry allows you to dedicate any available day in 1 of the 50 states in the U.S. Claiming a day in a specific state gives you just one more way to make your special day all the more special.

Our Country Registry provides even more exclusivity by allowing you to register your day by a specific country. And our Worldwide Registry allows you to stake your claim across the globe as the exclusive international owner of the day of your choosing.

No matter which registry you choose, MyDayRegistry guarantees only one (1) owner per day. No one else can claim that same day in the same registry.

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Yes! MyDayRegistry makes sharing your memories quick and easy. With just a click of a button, you can post your profile to your Facebook page for all of your friends and family to see. Simply, go to your profile page and choose where to share!
We know just how much that special day means to you. Which is why MyDayRegistry offers three types of registration: State, Country, and Worldwide. Having multiple registration options betters your chances for making that all-important day your own.

If your day is already taken, perhaps it’s available in a registry other than your first choice. There may also be an alternative date you can register that’s just as meaningful to you or your gift recipient.

The Certificate of Ownership can be personalized to any occasion by adding a custom certificate title, the owner’s name(s), interchangeable characters, the date of your special occasion and registration in one of three online registries.

To see a sample of the Certificate of Ownership, click here.

Close your eyes and think of an event or person in your life that holds important memories for you. Maybe it’s the day you achieved something great. Or maybe it’s the day you met (or lost) a loved one.

No matter who or what comes to mind, there’s sure to be a day attached those memories. A day you can dedicate in honor of that memorable event or person, and share throughout your generation and the next.

Naming your day is all about that special event or person that your day celebrates. It’s the central focus of your Certificate of Ownership, and an important part of your online profile and registry entry. The event or person you name your day after lets the world know what makes your day worth remembering and making your own.

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Step 1: Go to “Login/My Account
Step 3: Select “Profile Editor”
Step 4: Click “Edit Profile”
Step 5: Under “Profile Access” enter the details of the person you would like to invite.

Once submitted that person will receive an email giving them access to edit and take ownership of the profile.