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Unique Gifts for People with Unique Hobbies

The holidays are coming and among all the stressors the Christmas season brings, finding the right gifts for the picky people in your life is one you’d rather not deal with.

Finding unique gifts for your loved ones with quirky tastes and unique hobbies can be a challenge. All the hours spent searching through websites and browsing crowded department stores for the perfect gift are hours wasted.

Don’t stress out over gift buying for these people. Use this guide for gift ideas for those in your life with unique hobbies.

For the Artist

Do you know someone who loves to make art? There are plenty of fun gift ideas for the artists in your life no matter their medium.

For the sketcher or drawer you know, consider an LED tracing lightbox or a set of charcoal pencils. If they have yet to explore new technological mediums, a stylus pen for their iPad or notebook will be a great pick-up.

Consider, too, the wonderful selections of art books available. Anything from how-to’s, to coffee table books of the most famous painters or architects, make great gifts for any person who considers art a hobby.

For the Musician and Music Lover

There are many unique gifts for musicians and music lovers in your life.

From a new set of headphones to guitar-shaped flatware, the unique options are endless.

A helpful tip for this is to consider their listening habits. An audiophile who collects vinyl may enjoy a retro-style suitcase record player that is Bluetooth compatible. The guitarist you know might well get a kick out of a custom guitar pick maker.

As always, musicians and music lovers love music most of all. A trip browsing the stacks at a local record shop for a rare record may be the best gift of all.

Sportsmen and Women

If you live in a rural area, odds are you know a hunter or a fishing enthusiast. These people can be the hardest to find gifts for. Usually, people who engage in these hobbies seem to have everything they could want or need.

Don’t fret. There are plenty of neat ideas for those who hunt and fish.

How about a game cookbook? Or a pack of hunter’s toilet paper? Or hunting themed shot glasses?

Anything from the priciest night vision goggles to humorous hunting-related t-shirts make fantastic gifts.


This past summer, someone close to you may have been married. If that was the case, it’s possible you missed the mark on the perfect wedding gift.

With the holidays on the way, you have a chance to make up for it and buy the perfect gift for those newlyweds.

If baking is your trade, consider a tray of sweets. Or maybe a weighted blanket for their bed. Better still, a mounted and framed wedding photograph could hit the mark.


Bikers and car nuts have many unique gift ideas. Mugs, calendars, t-shirts, and car wax are all interesting ideas.

Think about gifts like a tire coffee mug or a great key rack as a great place to start. Don’t stop there. Expand into wall-art of classic cars or motorcycles that make great home decor for the gearhead in your life.

Chefs and Home Cooks

Is there someone you know who has a serious cooking hobby? Great. These are some of the easiest people to buy unique gifts.

A cookbook of an unfamiliar cuisine may be the perfect gift.

If not that, think about a top of the line piece of copper cookware or an entire set. You may not know, but quality French copper cookware is considered the Mercedes Benz of the kitchen.

If copper cookware is out of your price range, there are plenty of great meal delivery subscriptions available that make great gifts for any novice home chef.

Wine Lovers

Wine lovers can be the most challenging to purchase a gift for, especially if you do not have an interest in wine. These people with extensive cellars or who love to drink great wine have tastes that can be best described as persnickety.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a unique gift for these people. Personalized, monogrammed stemware can be fun. For a little humor, a shower wineglass holder will be unique and draw plenty of laughter.

As with meal kits, wine subscription services make a fantastic gift, especially if you are wary of wine culture. With these subscription services, you don’t have to worry about buying the perfect bottle.

Handmade is Unique

When in doubt, the most unique gift for different hobbies is a handmade gift. Are you a knitter? You can craft a warm blanket that contains themes of anyone’s unique hobby.

You could commission a painting of someone’s favorite photograph. Maybe it’s that of a loved one, or favorite car, or valued memory.

A handmade gift, whether purchased or crafted yourself, can often mean the most to those who you are buying for no matter the occasion.

Buying Gifts for People with Unique Hobbies

There are few better feelings than giving the perfect gift. The challenge is finding the gift that elicits the best feelings whether it’s laughter, joy, or heartfelt emotion.

You probably know people in your life with unique hobbies. These people can stump even the best gift buyer. Don’t worry. There are so many unique gift ideas for these special people in your life.

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