Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Every Milestone

Every anniversary represents a new milestone in your marriage and as partners, so it is something to be celebrated. Additionally, following tradition can be a special way to honor your marriage as every year ticks by. After all, the tradition of giving gifts on wedding anniversaries dates back to the middle ages.

When considering the type of gift you’ll be giving, it’s important to consider the history and significance of the gift. There are what’s known as traditional anniversary gifts as well as modern anniversary gifts.

Here are a list of wedding anniversary gifts for every milestone! If you’re still in need of a few ideas after seeing the list, leave us a comment or reach out on Facebook!


1) First Wedding Anniversary

The first anniversary is the most important.

Traditionally, your first anniversary gift should be something made of paper. But don’t worry, as mundane as a paper gift may sound, there are many options when it comes to anniversary gifts made from paper.

Here are a few traditional options:

  • Books
  • Tickets to a trip, the theater, or a concert
  • Beautiful stationary (notebooks, journals, etc)
  • Paintings
  • Special certificates dedicated to your first year

The modern option is a clock (or watch) for the first anniversary. This works for him or her.

Second Anniversary:

Traditional: Cotton

Modern: China

3) Third Anniversary

Traditional: Leather

Modern: Crystal or glass

4)Fourth Anniversary

Traditional: Fruit or flowers

Modern: Appliances

5) Fifth Anniversary

A traditional gift to mark your fifth milestone together is something wooden.

A few options:

  • Engraved wooden keepsake or object
  • Cutting board
  • Wooden picture frame with your wedding photo inside


The modern gift for your fifth anniversary is silver. This can be anything that’s sterling silver, like an engraved flask for him or a gorgeous bracelet for her.

6) Sixth Anniversary

Traditional: Candy or Iron

Modern: Wooden

7) Seventh Anniversary

Traditional: Copper

Modern: Desk set

8) Eighth Anniversary

Traditional: Bronze

Modern: Linens or lace

9) Ninth Anniversary

Traditional: Pottery

Modern: Leather

10) Tenth Anniversary

A decade is a very significant and sacred year for traditional anniversary gifts. Generally, gifts in the tenth year are tin or aluminum.

Gift Ideas:

  • Tin jewelry or art
  • Cookware
  • A tin of your partner’s favorite things

The modern gift idea for the tenth anniversary is diamonds. If you’re buying for her, the options are endless. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For him, you could have diamond studded cufflinks, a ring, or a watch.


The first ten involve countless original gift ideas for your husband or wife’s anniversary presents. And –as you can see below– it only continues with each passing year.

Over 10 Years

11th Year: Steel or jewelry

12th Year: Silk/linens or pearls

13th Year: Lace or textiles

14th Year: Gold jewelry

15th Year: Crystal or watches

16th Year: Coffee or tea

17th Year: Wine or Spirits

18th Year: Appliances

19th Year: Jade

20th Year: China or platinum

21st Year: Fire

22nd Year: Water

23rd Year: Air

24th Year: Stone

25th Year: Silver

26th Year: Art

27th Year: Music

28th Year: Linens

29th Year: Tools

30th Year: Pearls and diamonds


A few big milestones after your 30-year mark together:


40th Year

The traditional gift for the 40th year of marriage is ruby. You can do something symbolic like using the color (or gem!) ”ruby” in your gift.


50th Year

50 years is really something to celebrate! And what better gift for your 50th year than gold. The options are truly endless when it comes to gold. You can engrave an item from your wedding date, purchase a new piece of jewelry, or locate some type of unique gold keepsake.


60th Year

Of course, to celebrate your 60th year of marriage, the traditional gift is a diamond. As mentioned before, you can have almost anything studded with diamonds or him or her.

Final Thoughts

The choices are never-ending when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts. At we offer a vast selection of beautiful and timeless certificates for any anniversary. You can also contact us for more information anytime.


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