The Origin of the Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Do you want to surprise your loved one with a gift? Traditional anniversary gifts are usually the most meaningful gifts you can give someone for their anniversary.  These gifts are often filled with symbolism that your partner will cherish for years to come, and increase in value as the years progress.


A blank piece of paper for a story that’s yet to be written

For the first year of marriage, you can go with a blank piece of paper that symbolizes a new beginning and a story that hasn’t been written. Over the time, some couples add meaningful quotes. They also add important dates or the names of their children on the piece of paper. Make sure you purchase high-quality paper along with an envelope. This should last for decades.


Cotton for a stronger bond

For the second year of marriage, a couple is like the fibers of cotton that can’t stay apart without ruining the overall structure of the fabric. Cotton also means flexibility and strength.

In a marriage, you must be ready to make compromises and sacrifices. You must also have the strength to forgive and face obstacles.
Instead of giving your partner just plain cotton, opt for handmade gifts made out of the same material.


Leather for protection

For the third year of marriage, you can give leather as it symbolizes protection. In the third year, the couple feels safer and believes more in the stability of their marriage. The leather is to remind a couple of the hardships life has in store for them. However, it’s also about the shield that marriage provides them. A notebook with a cover made out of leather and a sturdy wallet are two ideas for this anniversary gift.

Flowers and fruits for commitment

You can celebrate the fourth year with flowers or fruits. The flower symbolizes the early part of your relationship filled with romantic days. The fruits are the results of your love, commitment, sacrifice, and forgiveness; the flowers are usually dried and kept within the pages of a book as a memory. What’s better is you can share the fruits with your child if you have any, or with the people who contributed to the happiness of your relationship. Keep in mind, there are no specific flowers or fruits necessary. You can just pick any type of flower or fruit that your partner loves.

Final words on traditional anniversary gifts

For older couples, you can choose silver and gold jewelry, or crystal vases, to show how precious and durable your marriage is. I hope you enjoyed our small list of traditional anniversary gifts.

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