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Keeping Love Alive: Traditional Yearly Anniversary Gifts and Ideas

In this busy world, it is hard to make time for your significant other. Many couples lose sight of why they got married and grow apart over time. This is why the United States has a divorce rate as high as 50%.

However, most partners do not go into a relationship with the intent to split up. They want to make it work and are willing to put in the effort.

An anniversary gives you an opportunity to make your significant other feel special and wanted. Read on for traditional yearly anniversary ideas. Explore meaningful gift ideas that are certain to put a smile on your partner’s face.

Dedicate a Day

Materialistic gifts are sometimes a success, but a truly intimate relationship requires more thought. One special idea is to dedicate a day to your partner.

With MyDayRegistry, you can memorialize your anniversary on an online registry. Couples can opt to dedicate their day to a state or country registry. Some take the extra step and stake claim on the exclusive Worldwide Registry.

There are other perks to dedicating a day to your partner. You will receive a beautiful certificate that shows proof of registry.

Lastly, MyDayRegistry gives customers a robust online profile to look at each year. A customized profile will include your favorite music, pictures, and videos to celebrate the relationship.

Here, you can listen to your favorite couple song or watch clips of your wedding reception. The picture montage shows how far you have come as a couple, especially if this is a 10-year anniversary gift or more.

Traditional Yearly Anniversary Gifts

Some couples follow tradition and use a list that goes back centuries. This list informs partners what type of anniversary gifts by year to give.

For example, partners are expected to exchange paper gifts on the first anniversary. This works well MyDayRegistry as you can give a paper certificate memorializing your anniversary.

The traditional anniversary gifts by year list go all the way to a yellow diamond on the 60th anniversary. The types of gifts also include expensive gemstones like rubies and emeralds.

However, there are also other materials like wood and lace. The anniversary gifts by year list have also been reworked with a modern flare. Obviously, there were no electronics or watches back in the Middle Ages.

You can also add your own interpretation to the traditional list. On a 5th anniversary, for instance, the traditional gift is slated as wood.

The theory is that wood is strong and withstands the test of time. You could deliver a timeless gift by putting your MyDayRegistry certificate in a beautiful wooden frame.

A Recap of the Best Anniversary Gifts

Your anniversary is a unique opportunity to show your loved one that you remember and care. The traditional list gives you a template to follow and many great ideas.

We encourage you to be creative and make sure that gifts have deep sentimental meaning. If you are looking for a traditional yearly anniversary gift, contact us today to discuss dedicating a day to your loved one.

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