How To Find the Perfect Paper Gift for a First Anniversary

So you’ve almost made it through a whole year. Okay, let’s be real. You’ve loved every moment of your first year of marriage, and now you have a couple of things to look forward to that are coming up quick:

One is thawing out the top tier of your wedding cake.

The second is finding the perfect paper gift to celebrate your paper anniversary with your spouse.

But before we get to searching for the perfect paper gift, let’s eat some cake.


Not Paper, but Delicious: Wedding Cake

Before we even get to the gifts, we get to eat cake! What’s better than a paper anniversary? As many of you know, the tradition of freezing the top tier of your wedding cake and enjoying it on your first anniversary has been passed down for years. We love this tradition. Wedding cakes are delicious, and depending on how well you followed the freezing and thawing directions your baker provided, the event will take you back to those magical first bites.

The whole event reminds us of all those tastings when choosing the perfect one. In fact, one couple loves eating their wedding cake so much, they do it every year.



Finding a Perfect Paper Anniversary Gift

Okay, not to finding the perfect paper gift for your spouse. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Origami: We love this because origami is such an art and we could stare at origami art all day. Pick something special for you and your spouse.
  • Paper Jewelry: There are great choices from necklace pendants to bracelets and earrings.
  • Paper Flowers: You can even make these cherry blossoms yourself.
  • Tickets: Surprise your spouse with tickets to their favorite band, a ballet, or play.
  • Certificate of Ownership: More on this later.
  • Rare Books: There are so many romantic choices.
  • Letters: Who doesn’t love getting a letter from their spouse?

Whatever you choose, or even if you choose one of everything, make it personal.

Paper gifts say I love you, and “I do” again and again.

Certificate of Ownership for a Paper Gift

Did you know offers one of the most romantic and unique paper anniversary gifts on the market? As you can imagine, people love giving and receiving our Certificate of Ownership as a gift. If you dedicate a day as a first anniversary gift, you’ll receive a paper certificate printed on beautiful, high-quality parchment paper. The certificate will be personalized with elegant modern calligraphy, and serve as proof of exclusive ownership of your newly dedicated day.

Perfect, isn’t it?

Come visit our registry right now to find out more about securing your day and buying the perfect gift to celebrate your day. 

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