How to Find the Best Wedding Gifts For Men

When we hear the word wedding we immediately think about the bride.

Images of beautiful white gowns, diamond rings, roses, and romantic honeymoons fill our psyche. But women aren’t the only ones we should focus on. After all, a wedding day includes a man who wants to make his bride-to-be’s dreams come true.

That being said, it is customary for the bride and groom to exchange gifts. The exchange can take place the night before, the morning of your wedding or after all the festivities are over. And if you are a bride-to-be, you may be asking yourself “What is the best gift for my soon-to-be husband?” Well, we’ve got you covered.


Traditional wedding gifts for men

What man wouldn’t like a new watch? If he has a favorite designer, an engraved watch could be the perfect gift. Include your wedding date on the back, and he’ll most definitely think of you each time he checks his watch.

Cufflinks are also a great gift that can have sentimental value.  Give a pair with his birthstone to compliment his favorite dress shirt. Money clip, tie clip, and wallet are traditional groom’s gifts that are practical and memorable. When it comes to wedding gifts for men these are a safe bet.

Gifts with a personal touch

Since your wedding is a special occasion, you may as well give a gift he will cherish for a lifetime. A handwritten love letter on paper bearing the same design as your wedding stationery makes for a memorable gift he can look back on for decades.

Feeling risque? Schedule a private photo shoot and make him a very special–for his eyes only–photo book.  Wear sexy lingerie or get really creative and entice him with body art. No one said wedding gifts for men couldn’t be creative.

Whatever you decide he is sure to look back on this gift over and over again.

Unique dedication gifts

Every wedding is unique in its own special way.  Why not give him an anniversary gift as unique as your love? If people can register a star in the name of their loved ones, you can certainly do something a little more heartfelt.  

Consider naming a brick or pew in his honor at the church where your ceremony will be held. You can also make a donation to his favorite charity on his behalf and request his name added to a donor’s plaque. Better yet, how awesome would it be to register your wedding day in a special registry? You can have exclusive title and ownership rights to the day you and your husband exchanged vows. This would make for a very special wedding night surprise that will last throughout eternity.


Choosing the perfect wedding gifts for men doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, but it should reflect the love you two share. What ideas do you have when it comes to wedding gifts for men?  We’d love to hear your suggestions below or on Twitter!.


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