Experts Guide To Celebrating Your First Year Wedding Anniversary

You’re approaching your one year anniversary and it’s time to get excited!

Just think, this time last year you were planning to marry the love of your life. Writing your guest list, sending out save-the-dates, finding the perfect venue, cake tasting, dress shopping… the list goes on. One of the greatest things to do during your first year anniversary is to reflect over the past year and think about how far you’ve come as a couple. So much has changed since your wedding date, but the sights, sounds, and feelings of preparing for one of the most important days of your life are moments you’ll always share with your partner.

The season is the same, the weather is the same, and there’s magic in the air. Only this time you’re not stressed with doing a million things to get everything right. This time, one joyful year later, you can just focus on the excitement.

Take a deep breath and smile. Just like the joy of your wedding a year ago, we can help you make your first year wedding anniversary a day to remember. Got your gifts, cake, and occasion already? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Follow our simple guide and you’ll make your anniversary a blast!


First Anniversary Gifts

You may already know, your first year anniversary is your “paper anniversary.” Sure, we’re looking forward to the silver, and gold, and even platinum anniversaries. And if we make it to 70 years we hope the gifts pour in from everywhere like they did for this couple!

But the paper anniversary is one of the most fun. The personal gift ideas are endless and romantic. How about a rare book or a love letter? Maybe you’ll opt for concert tickets or a trip itinerary. Whatever you do, don’t hand your spouse a 20 dollar bill and say “go splurge.” You can do better.

You may even want to dedicate a day to you and your spouse on your first year anniversary.


Eating Cake on Your First Year Wedding Anniversary

Beyond giving and receiving great gifts, everyone knows the tradition of pulling the top tier of your wedding cake from the freezer and having a minor feast. We love this tradition. Enjoying the top tier of your wedding cake a year later from the comfort of your own home means reliving the magic of that first bite for many couples.


Plan an Event

Planning a special event is a great way to celebrate your first year wedding anniversary. As mentioned above, since the paper gift of event tickets can be a wonderful present for the first anniversary, you may be spending your special day enjoying music, the theater, or a musical. You may even take the snow on the road. Paired with a paper gift of plane tickets, an event on a trip is a great way to celebrate.


Make It Official

Whatever you do, make it official. Your anniversary date, whatever it is, means the world to you and your spouse. Whether you celebrate each year by exchanging gifts, taking a trip, or splitting a special dessert, your first anniversary is something intimate the two of you share. It’s your day.

Great as a standalone gift, or the perfect addition to your anniversary celebration, our Certificate of Ownership is sure to make the day even more memorable.

Find out for yourself today how a personalized Certificate of Ownership is a gift you’ll have forever.



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