Anniversary Gifts For Parents to Honor the Occasion

Finding anniversary gifts for parents can be difficult. After all, they likely have most of what they need, and they may not always want the same things. Not to worry, though; we have some creative and thoughtful ideas to help you honor the occasion.


Clever, Unique Anniversary Gifts for Parents


Custom Silhouette Portraits

If you have a family of your own, you’ve probably already given your parents countless framed photographs. Maybe these were newborn or family photos shot in a photography studio, the kids’ school pictures or even great candids taken with your cell phone.

For their next anniversary, consider giving them something they don’t have: custom silhouette portraits.

At one time, people would sit for these in person while the portrait maker painstakingly cut their silhouette out of black paper. Today you can send the artist a profile picture (a picture of the subject in profile, not the Facebook kind!) and they will use it to create this classic style of fine art portraiture.

Are you the crafty type? Try a DIY silhouette portrait!


The Family Tree

Custom family tree anniversary gifts for parents are a super thoughtful way to honor them. Some are beautifully rendered in watercolor, others in elegant hand lettering. No matter the style, the gift will convey to your parents how proud you and your siblings are of your heritage, and will make them proud to be your parents.

Not only that, but it is sure to be a showpiece your parents will proudly display proudly in their home.


Research Their Ancestry

Maybe your parents don’t know much about where they come from.  But if your mom or dad have ever expressed an interest in their ancestry, you can give them the gift of a genetics test.

If you don’t have the time to personally trace your genealogy, there are several services that will do it for you. Plan a gathering to include your entire family in the unveiling of the results, and you have a perfect anniversary gift for your parents!


Digital Photo Accessories

Your parents probably love sitting down with you and paging through old baby books and photo albums. However, printed photographs are becoming scarcer now that digital photography is so common.

A digital photo frame is a great way for your parents to keep photos on display instead of tucked away inside an album on a shelf somewhere. What’s more, you and other family members can send photos directly to the device. That way, your non-social-media-using folks will get a steady stream of new snapshots.

Another of the best anniversary gifts for parents is a personal photo printer. This nifty device lets them make a quick hard copy of any picture you text, Instagram or Snapchat at ’em!


An Unforgettable Experience

Say your parents have everything they could ever want in the way of glassware, decor, and tchotchkes. Why not give them the gift of an experience? Tandem skydiving, a hot air balloon ride, a zip-line adventure, or a NASCAR driving experience would be fun for adventuresome parents.

Tamer options include cooking or butchering classes, a couple’s day at the spa, or a winery or brewery tour package.


Their Very Own Official Day

Their anniversary date is no doubt special to your parents, so why not make it their very own by claiming and dedicating that day to them?


Whatever you choose, your parents will likely love it. After all, as the old saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts,” and they will be thrilled that you thought of them.

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