A Romantic Guide to Last Minute Date Ideas

There is evidence to suggest that date nights should occur at least once a week to maintain a relationship. But as anyone who’s been in a committed relationship for more than five years will tell you, life with your significant other isn’t always about netflix, pizza, and cuddles. Sometimes, work and familial obligations can get in the way of romance, and those frequent date nights quickly become a thing of the past.  But don’t worry, all is not lost.  

If you find yourself getting frustrated with your lack of time or money in between the hustle and bustle of your daily life, you can get creative with your date nights. After all, the perfect date night isn’t expensive, or even planned! In fact, some of the best dates are the ones that occur spontaneously.

Keep reading to discover some last minute date ideas that will reignite those honeymoon vibes.


Last Minute Date Ideas


A Picnic at the Park

There is something incredibly romantic about a good picnic. Maybe it’s the warmth and beauty of nature surrounding you, or maybe that smooth, yet bold glass of wine. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the comfort of being able to enjoy an outdoor meal with your love/life partner/best friend with no interruptions.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to pack up some snacks and head over to your favorite picnic spot. If going to a park isn’t an option, find a spot that the two of you can enjoy and spend some quality time together.

Create a Date Jar Together

This is one of our favorite last minute date ideas, as it lets you flex those creative muscles. Grab your loved one, construction paper, pens, and gather around the kitchen table.

Each of you can write down 10-15 ideas for dates you’d like to go on. All dates should be cheap or free, and if you have kids, doable at home. (Half the fun is the surprise, so be sure your spouse can’t see what you’re writing!) Set aside one night a week to pick a date at random, and be open to doing whatever it is you pick.

If you need some help designing your jar, Etsy has some great designs you can use. And if you’re on a tight budget, you can set aside a money jar specifically for date night!

Host a Movie Night

Netflix is one of the best things to happen to date nights in a long time. You get to enjoy the comfort of your own home while watching a great movie and eat whatever you desire. So put the kids to bed, grab your popcorn, and pick a movie you’ll both enjoy.

After all, cuddling up to your loved one is a great way to forget about the stresses of life. 

Mutual Massages

Remember how you and your spouse couldn’t keep your hands off of each other at the beginning of your relationship? It’s time to relive those good old days. Pick out some scented candles, oil (if you prefer), and give each other a massage while focusing on the aroma of the candle and the touch of your partner. Then, switch places and let your loved one give you a massage.

Touch is a great way to feel more of a connection with your partner, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably carrying a lot of stress in your muscles.


Show Some Appreciation

Of all the date ideas listed, here’s one that’s sure to last: Dedicate an entire day to your loved one! They’ll love the gesture, especially when they see the beautiful certificate, registration is simple, and it’s sure to be a memory your spouse will cherish. Get in touch today to learn how you can permanently dedicate a day to your spouse!

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