A Guide to Sympathy Gifts For the Loss of a Pet

For anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a beloved pet, you know the heartbreak one feels. So when a loved one loses their pet, sympathy gifts are a great way to both send your condolences and help them get through the traumatic time.

We’ve compiled a list of sympathy gifts for helping a friend or loved one deal with the tragic loss of a pet. Keep reading for the full list.

8 Ideas for Sympathy Gifts 

Memorial Stone

Either as a standalone or as part of a memorial service, a memorial stone is a great way to memorialize the life of a beloved pet. There are a variety of options, from a simple pawprint to a picture of your pet, so the stone can be as personalized as you’d like. While memorial stones are usually put in a garden, they can be placed anywhere you feel best represents the memory of the fallen pet.


Scrapbooks are an excellent way to preserve memories and give a thoughtful sympathy gift. They also allow for a deep sense of personalization, which can be comforting to anyone who is grieving. Fill the pages with photos and mementos of the pet and their owner will be able to look back and celebrate the life of their pet.


A simple memorial keychain may be a small way to offer your condolences while memorializing the lost pet. There are many stores that will engrave a keychain with the pet’s name. Having a small keepsake that the owner can keep on hand is both thoughtful and comforting.


This sympathy gift is great especially for those who enjoy jewelry. Using customizable charms you can create a necklace that is as unique to the owner as their beloved pet. You can use a single charm or a collection of a few to best symbolize the life of the pet.

Personalized Photo Frame

While easy to find, these personalized frames are perfect ways to display an owner’s favorite pet. You can customize the frame to have the pets name or perhaps a comforting quote.

Shadow Box Memorial

Shadow boxes are an excellent sympathy gift as they are both stylish as well as a great way to remember a loved pet. Using simplistic design, you can incorporate the name of the pet, a photo, the animals’ collar and a meaningful poem.

Friendship Glass Balls

Although among the pricier options, it’s one that will last a lifetime. These glass orbs are blown using the ashes of a beloved pet and make a beautiful addition to any home or garden. When the sun shines through them, owners will be reminded of the beautiful life they shared with their pet.


Dedicate a Day

Much like there are national days to commemorate events, you can dedicate a day to a beloved pet member of your family. This is a heartfelt way to remember the life of a furry friend. When you get a day dedication you also receive a beautifully calligraphed certificate of ownership for your dedicated day.

While not a complete list, these are our favorite gifts to give as a token of sympathy when a friend or loved one has suffered the loss of a pet. 

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