8 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Friend’s Special Day

In the US, over two million marriages take place per year.

If one of your loved ones is included in these numbers, congratulations! They may be the ones moving into a new and exciting era, but you’re going to welcome a new person into your heart and your life. That in and of itself is pretty great!

Still, there’s the small matter of getting a gift for them so that they can celebrate their special day in style. Read on for some unique and interesting wedding gift ideas that will make the happy couple light up with joy.

1. Bedding and Beyond

If you want to get your loved one a useful wedding gift, bedding is likely your best bet. Comforters and sheets are always appreciated because you can never have enough of them.

Make sure that you do your research and figure out what size of bed the happy couple has, though. You can find this out by going to their house and scoping it out, but you also can look in any wedding registry that they’ve filled out at the store. Doing this ensures that you won’t accidentally get the newlyweds something that they can’t use.

2. Weighted and Heated Blankets

However, it’s important to acknowledge that getting someone bedding might be redundant—they might get similar items from others. On the other hand, people won’t think to get them weighted or heated blankets, which are items that have many benefits.

If your loved one is autistic, has ADHD, or simply likes to have their senses stimulated, a weighted blanket is likely the perfect gift for them. For those that simply are cold-blooded, a heated blanket will do nicely. They can sleep under it and keep themselves warm in a world that’s often too cold for them.

3. Homemade and Heartfelt

Don’t want to invest a lot of money into a wedding gift? No problem!

In fact, homemade gifts tend to be the perfect choice regardless of budget. They’re unique, engaging, and show that you put a lot of thought into your wedding gifts. Some awesome ideas for homemade presents are:

  • Knitted or crocheted blankets
  • Handmade quilts that use fabric that your loved ones will like
  • Scrapbooks showcasing the relationship of the newlyweds
  • Homemade scented candles
  • Cross-stitch designs to showcase at home
  • Canvas paintings (if you’re talented)

The possibilities for heartfelt gifts are limitless!

4. A Dedicated Day

No matter what else you might choose to get the happy couple, you’re going to want to get them exclusive ownership rights to their wedding day. Similarly to how you can name a star after someone, it’s possible to give a person a legitimate certificate of ownership to their wedding day!

When you dedicate a day, this will be documented in the international day registry. You also will get a beautiful certificate of ownership printed on high-quality paper. This certificate will be personalized with modern calligraphy styles and will come with a digital version of the document as well!

5. Unique Tea Blends

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a cup of tea, and if there’s one thing that people want to do after the chaos of wedding planning, it’s to relax.

Creating a unique tea blend for your newlywed loved ones is a great idea. It’s a useful gift that the receiver will be interested in. Not only that, but when you choose the different teas to incorporate into your blend, it shows that you know your loved one and their partner’s likes and dislikes.

Because this is a wedding gift and is being given to the couple right before their honeymoon, you might be interested in incorporating natural aphrodisiacs into the blend. These herbs get people in a romantic mood and are perfect for a relaxing night in. Make sure to do your research and figure out what herbs go well together!

6. Bangin’ Bath Items

Speaking of relaxing, natural bath oils make a great gift. These come in all different scents, which make them an awesome way to do at-home aromatherapy. They also come in a variety of colors that can positively influence the newlywed’s moods.

In addition to bath oils, fizzling bath bombs and skin-soaking bath salts are also great bath-related gifts.

Ordering these bath items from retailers might be a good choice if you’ve never made one before. You want it to smell good and look appealing, after all! However, if you’ve made bath products before (or have a bit of time to practice), you can DIY these items fairly easily.

7. Bathrobes and Shower Gear

Speaking of baths, there are lots of bath items that you can purchase at pretty much any major retailer. His/Hers (or His/His or Hers/Hers) bathrobes and towels are a cute way to get the happy couple something that matches with each other.

If this doesn’t seem like something your loved one would appreciate, though, don’t be discouraged! There are other options. Pick a bathrobe or towel set in a color that the newlyweds seem to favor or a pattern that you think they’ll enjoy.

8. Delectable Confections

Do you love to bake? Are you good at it? If the answer to both of these questions is ‘yes,’ then find a recipe and get cracking!

Baking the newlywed couple a cake, brownie, pan cookie, or almond bark is a great way to show them that you appreciate them. Everyone loves to satisfy their sweet tooth!

These items might be better given in conjunction with another gift. After all, a pan cookie isn’t something that people can cherish for a lifetime! Still, it tastes good, and will almost certainly be appreciated.

More Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas

While there are lots of awesome things that you can give someone for their big day, it’s important to find a unique present. Not only will this ensure that no one gets them the same thing as you do, but it also simply makes your gift more heartfelt.

Now that you know some of the best wedding gift ideas for loved ones that are getting married, it’s time to get started. Contact us with any lingering questions that you may have. After that, we can get started dedicating a day to the newlywed couple!

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