50th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Did you know that the 50th wedding anniversary is called the “golden” anniversary? Something that golden (pun intended) is an accomplishment that should be celebrated! And whether you’ve chosen to throw a lavish party, or simply commemorate the occasion with a small get together, you’ll need some help to plan. 

Continue reading for five ideas to celebrate the 50th anniversary. 

5 Ideas to Celebrate a 5th Anniversary

1. Throw a Golden Gala for the 50th Anniversary

Because the 50th anniversary is known as the “golden” anniversary, why not make the anniversary party theme a golden one? You can opt for a golden gala complete with gold balloons, streamers, and table cloths.

Here are a few other ways you can incorporate gold into your gala:

  • Golden candles or twinkle lights throughout the venue
  • Edible golden powder in cocktails 
  • Gold wrapped candies as party favors

2. Decade Party 

Was the happy couple married in the 50s or 60s? Why not host a decade themed anniversary party? This type of party adds a great touch of nostalgia for the couple and those who were there to celebrate the original wedding. 

Make sure all parts of the celebration are true to the era. Factors like music, dress code and decorations will make everyone feel like they’re celebrating in the decade! 

3. Theme Based on Original Wedding 

A fun way to celebrate the 50th anniversary is by hosting a celebration just like the original wedding! Take the couple back to their happy day by matching the wedding colors, flowers, and other decorations to the original wedding. 

You can even try to replicate their original wedding cake! Add extra nostalgia by including toasts from the original best man and maid of honor. 

4. Honeymoon Theme

Did the couple go on an exotic honeymoon after their wedding? Recreate their vacation by hosting an anniversary party with the same theme. For example, if the couple went to the tropics for their honeymoon, have a luau themed anniversary party. This is a casual way to get everyone together for some fun and celebration. 

5. Picnic Theme

Would the couple prefer a more laid back celebration for their 50th wedding anniversary celebration? Why not host a good old fashioned picnic or potluck? This type of party is especially perfect for warmer months, and everyone can bring a special dish so there’s not a formal feel to the event.

Just set up picnic tables and let everyone spend time reminiscing and catching up. 



In this day and age, there’s nothing more special than a marriage that has lasted half a century. The loving couple will most likely love to be surrounded by all of their loved ones in one space. And what better way to get everyone together than by hosting a party? 


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