5 Things That Happen When The Honeymoon Ends

Cheesy romance movies rarely, if ever, show you what happens after the honeymoon phase between the star couple. Others may tell you that the relationship gets dull, boring, or that it’s the end of the road. There’s less sex, less passion, and the one you love isn’t so rosy anymore.

While the rose-colored glasses may be gone and the passion has diminished, that doesn’t mean this is the end of the road. Instead, something else that is far more wonderful takes place.

Here are 5 things that happen when the honeymoon phase ends.



1. You’re More Honest

At the end of this phase, you’ll find that you’re more honest with your partner. You tell them if you don’t love a particular food, TV show, book, etc; talk to your partner about what’s bothering you, complain, and cry –like, really cry– in front of your partner.

2. You’re Yourself

This is a real beauty at the end of the honeymoon phase – you’re yourself. Gone are the fancy dates and trying to impress one another. It’s OK to lounge about in your pajamas. It’s OK to want a lazy night in or have alone time. While it’s important to make an effort with your relationship, you don’t have to constantly show off or go on the most expensive dates.

3. It’s Actually Passion 2.0

Selena Gomez says it best – you can’t keep your hands to yourself during the honeymoon phase. And while that’s a fun, amazing time, when things start to calm down, the real adventure can begin. With your honesty and being yourself, you’re comfortable talking to your partner. You’ll know what drives each other crazy and pursue new, passionate adventures.

4. You’ve Got a Little History

It’s a profound thing to build memories together. It’s an amazing moment when you’re about to embark on something new and that new thing reminds you of something you’ve done together before. From your experiences, now you have inside jokes, private stories, and a unique language between you two.

5. You Know Your Love is Real

When everything becomes more normal and the rose tint fades, you know your love is real. You’ve seen each other at your worst. You’ve faced the worst. You know how the other person reacts to lousy days. You’ve been through fights and found a way to work through it and get along again.

You look at your partner for who they really are and still think they’re great. Who knows? You might be in this relationship for good!

Conclusion: The End of the Honeymoon Phase Isn’t Bad

See? The end of the honeymoon phase isn’t something to be disappointed in! It’s an exciting, solidifying time.

It’s not to say suddenly the spark and passion is dead – you just have to find it in new ways. And you should!

Be adventurous, go on dates, get passionate! Your relationship needs it!

Don’t mistake comfort for boring.

What told you that you were in the next stage of your relationship? Did it make the list? Was it something else entirely? Comment below and share with us!

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