5 Lessons You’ll Learn During Your First Year of Marriage

While the first year of marriage can be the start of a beautiful beginning, it’s often not without its fair share of lessons learned. In fact, one in five people says the first year is more difficult than they expected.

As you adjust to sharing a life together, there will inevitably be bumps along the road. Yet, these circumstances can often turn into opportunities for the two of you to grow together, learn from each other, and ultimately come out stronger.

Today we’re taking a look at the top five lessons that couples can expect to learn in the first year of marriage.

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1. For Better or Worse Starts Now

Remember when you were dating and you’d try your hardest to always put your cleanest, shiniest foot forward? You’d shower, shave, and show up early. Now, all bets are off. Chances are, your spouse will catch you without your teeth brushed, with your hair a mess. You’ll learn things about each other you never knew before, and reveal things about yourself you might not have even known. You’ll find out who leaves their socks inches from the hamper, who needs everything tidy, and who always forgets to let the cat out. And you know what the beautiful thing is? You’ll love each other anyway.

2. Money Matters

Suddenly, you’re not two students getting by on your parents’ income, or scraping together your own spending money. Money becomes an important topic of conversation as you decide what you want to save for, what your financial goals are, and how you’ll divvy up your earnings.

Whether you decide to open a joint account or maintain your individual ones, you’ll learn to discuss your finances open and honestly. Taking this little step now can make a big difference as you grow (and save) together.

3. Communication and Compromise are Key

Even the most well-suited couple isn’t going to agree on every single thing. That’s what keeps a marriage exciting! Yet, when differences arise, they can also lead to conflict if not carefully managed. To this end, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Your spouse isn’t a mind reader, and neither are you. Research shows suppressing stress and emotions can be detrimental to your health. You’ll learn to get it out and to listen better as well.

When you can’t reach a 100% agreed-upon decision, that’s where compromise kicks in. Learning how to meet each other halfway takes time, but is ultimately worth it in the end.

4. The Little Things Aren’t So Little

You’ve heard of the phrase “date your spouse” right? It means that even when you’re married, it’s important to take the time to romance your significant other.

You’ll have to work daily at reminding your spouse how much you love him or her, and you’ll often have to get creative in the process. You’ll find what actions trigger the best response, and you’ll practice new ways to keep the flame alive. One perfect way to bring the romance in the first year? Get him or her a first-anniversary gift sure to bring a smile.

5. Routines are Anything But Boring

The first year of marriage can be super exciting. It can also be a time where you both find yourself with some extra free time on your hands, without a surefire plan how to fill it. Suddenly, you’re together every single evening. So what do you do?

You’ll learn to create little rituals and routines to give your new life together structure. You might choose to eat at your favorite restaurant a certain night each week or go for a walk in the same spot every evening — and you’ll look forward to it.

Your First Year of Marriage: Surviving and Thriving

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