3 Unique Anniversary Themes to Consider

Marriage provides you with lifelong partner, best friend, and confidante that helps keep you busy, level-headed and happy. The idea of growing old with your spouse and going on adventures throughout your life together is exciting during the honeymoon phase, and anniversaries are the perfect time to celebrate the love you two share. Since celebrating your special day is something we place great stock in, we hope you do something magical and memorable. But if you find yourself running low on ideas for celebrating your anniversary in a fun and creative way, keep reading for unique anniversary themes!


Second Honeymoon

Going on a romantic getaway such as a camping trip or a bed-and-breakfast for the weekend can be the best choice for your upcoming anniversary. In fact, you can even go on a second honeymoon to the place where you spent your original honeymoon. You will love reliving the memories, and you can reconnect with your love by making new memories in a familiar place.


Sporty and Adventurous

Consider having some fun with your loved one by going on an adventure that keeps you fit! Consider taking your bikes out for a ride and enjoying a picnic in the park. Heck, you might even enjoy going on a hike in the woods and picnicking there.

If you’re looking to be a little more daring and adventurous, consider trying scuba diving or bungee jumping. You can also try go-karting, paragliding, playing basketball, or a game of kickball for a truly fun experience.

Working up a sweat is always fun and a great way to commit to a healthy life together!


Party 2.0

Having a big party filled with your friends and family is an amazing way to celebrate your anniversary. This is especially a great idea if you’re celebrating your tenth or twentieth anniversary together.

Want to get really romantic and sentimental? Add a  vow renewal to the mix. In fact, some people go to Vegas to have vow renewals performed by Elvis. Invite your best man and maid of honor, and it will be just as fun and exciting as the actual date you married. Okay, that might be a stretch, but it will definitely be fun!


We hope these three ideas for a romantic anniversary help you plan a memorable day. Whatever you decide, be sure to dedicate a day as the icing on the cake.


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